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My name is Farrukh Shamuratov. It is hard to believe, however, at the age of 12 I had been already involved in this wonderful job. Those days I studied from my mother and cousins…by some quirk of fate, I began practicing in this area.


Obviously, a few years I was gaining my experience, but only when I began working and practicing independently, I realized the meaning of my profession area. It's not only “combing or cutting hair”, it is a difficult job where you have to find out one’s suitable image, identity, and then, it is essential to understand the culture client belongs to, type of his person, shape of his face and etc. There're a lot of nitty-gritty details you have to take into consideration of serving the customer. I am pleased for my fate that I was surronded by diverse and experienced teachers.

Farrux Shamuratov. is a prodigy. His passion and joy comes from what he calls “Hair Art.” His extraordinary talents started while watching his mother. He began training with her and his cousins at the age of 12, he then understudied with some of the greatest hair professionals of the time. During this period while understudying with the best of the best, he was exposed to many different techniques. He now combines all that he learned into his own “Hair Art.” After winning his first championship competition at the age of 21 in his home (Russia), Farrux started to work independently.

Farrux soon began to realize that this was more than just a fun and creative job; it was also an important skill set that helped his clients create their own image and identity. Farrux takes time to understand his clients, their cultural backgrounds, personality type, shape of face and head, etc. He is always creating and evolving his own style and techniques by personal trial and discovery. He feels there are “No Boundaries to Creativity!” As he says and when you see his “Hair Art,” you will know exactly what he means.

Judging by Farrux’s enormous social media following which grew organically by posting photos of his work and tutorials currently on Facebook, he has 184K people following his feed with an average of 300K and up to 3M+ views, and over 250K followers on Instagram - all with no paid advertising! His own brand of “Hair Art” is sweeping the world by storm! Farrux Shamuratov’s Philosophy of “Creating a Total Image” is exemplified in his seminars and master classes he conducts around the world. Whether Paris or Spain, or his new hometown - Los Angeles. He often invites other stylists, make-up artists and psychologists to his seminars to help prove his philosophy to both fans and students alike. Farrux firmly believes that he and his colleagues are not just artisans, but artists!