Mar 14 2021 - Apr 15 2021


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm




Exclusively created for online school only

The online class is more than a typical webinar. It’s an online session with Farrukh Shamuratov, which we have tried to make more accessible especially for you.

Get all what you need to improve your professional skills from one course!

This format provides you with wide knowledge, you can combine theory with practice, you can see it in real time mode and not in an accelerated format of social networking.

To provide the participation effect and for you to see every movement of the coach’s hands, every element and detail of the hair in full HD the sessions are recorded two hours before the stream and are shared with registered participants in a user-friendly format which allows you to use even your mobile phone as a means of studying.

The recording of the course is available with your personal number during 30 days which gives you a wonderful opportunity to be able to re-watch it as many times as you wish, to rewind it, to pause it in order to practise it better.


After every session you receive your hometask: you should do the hairstyle you have seen during the lesson and post it on Instagram or Facebook with #shamuratovonline tag. The coach follows your posts and gives you his feedback.

Detail explanation, step by step 8 hairstyles for brides, romantic and glam hairstyles.

8 step by step hairstyles

5 theories, topics to help you really understand hairstyling world.

  1. Shamuratov 10 rules to make perfect hairstyle
  2. Face shapes and how to create suitable hairstyles for them.
  3. How to work with brides
  4. Accessories and veil for wedding hairstyles
  5. How to make perfect photos and videos
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